Building a home is a personal experience, that we take very seriously.  Choosing the right location, learning about the different styles of homes available, and deciding on an appropriately sized home are all part of the service that we can provide for you.  As each family operates differently, and holds different lifestyle values, it is important that each home is customized to meet those needs.  We enjoy meeting new faces, and helping them to create the home they've always dreamed of.  

With a special interest in historic preservation, Hometown Builders is fully capable of, and encourages, the reuse of historic elements that hold that extra piece of character, into a new home design.  Working with a local historic architect to create a cohesive end product, the possibilities of integrating elements are endless.  However, a completely new and timeless home is also always an option.  These decisions will be one item we will discuss together, to find the right fit for you.  

Through the process of design, Hometown Builders will take any level of involvement you would prefer, in choosing finishes, layouts, etc.  We are comfortable making some initial decisions to show, and present to you for feedback.  

Building a home is an exciting and intense process, that we are enthusiastic about every time we do it.  Finding just the right light fixture, or choosing the best paint scheme for the client are just a few ways we enjoy helping you to create your favorite place.  We also hope you enjoy the process with us, as you will feel more connected to your home when you know you had a hand in it.  

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