Hometown Builders was founded in 2000, by Debbie Olsen and her then partner.  The two of them worked many years building many new homes, before heading different ways.

Since her time building more independently, Debbie is more inclined to incorporate her longtime interest in Antique collecting, with her love of building new homes.     


With she and her family's own home as proof of her capabilities, the downtown neighborhoods have openly welcomed any new home built by Hometown Builders.  


 Growing up in the small community, around tight knit neighbors, the founders of Hometown Builders understand the importance of scale within a block, and style as a part of a streetscape.  This is especially important when building a new home in a well establish neighborhood.   




As a founding member of the Village Preservation Association of Plainfield, Debbie Olsen with other members, have worked since 2000 to engage the community in Preserving Historic homes in downtown Plainfield.  The most visible contribution has been the annual Hometown Irish Parade.  

Debbie Olsen is also a member of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), where she works with other commissioners to create more Nationally Recognized Historic Districts throughout Plainfield, encourage and advise building owners to make changes and repairs in a historically sensitive manner, and facilitate community walking tours among many other things.